National Golf Links of America

I have had the opportunity to play National a number of times now and can say that it is my favorite experience in golf. I have heard other golf nuts say the same and of course if you ever have the chance to play say “yes.”

The experience at National starts with their beautiful club house. I always feel like I have stumbled onto the movie set of “Great Gatsby”. At dinner men are required to wear ties. At lunch, a sportscoat must be worn (no tie is okay). Much has been said about the food in the club house – all well deserved. In my next life I want to come back as the lobster supplier to National. That guy must be killing it!  Here are some photos of the majestic clubhouse:

Golf is the main event and the course does not disappoint. There is an old beautiful windmill which you can see from several holes and adds to the uniqueness of the place. The course is fair and interesting and fun. Here are some views of the track:

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