Bayonne Golf Club

Located just a few miles south of lower Manhattan this modern course delights every time I get the chance to play. A feat of engineering the course is made from the dirt dredged from the Hudson River. Piles of sand make the course hilly and somewhat mountainous at times. Really enjoy it here and definitely […]

Silo Ridge

This Discovery Land property located an hour and half north of NYC boasts a recently renovated and immaculately maintained Fazio designed golf course.Discovery Property is the development company behind the Yellowstone Club and Bakers Bay. Members of Silo Ridge golf course must own a home (or land) on the property. In addition to the golf […]

Meadow Brook Club

New York City and the tristate area has so much wonderful “top 100” quality golf it is often times possible to overlook some gems. Meadowbrook (for me at least) is one such gem. A lovely cross between the feel of Garden City Men’s Club, Pipping Rock and Chicago Golf Club. Meadowbrook has everything a golf […]

Great Horse

Built in 2015, Great Horse is a relatively new entry to the golf community and one not widely known (yet). A number of my friends from the Hartford, CT area (where I grew up) have been sharing with me the news of this up-and-coming club for the past few years and today I finally got […]

Apawamis and Fenway

Grounded in NY during the global pandemic of 2020, the golf courses slowly have begun allowing guests. I recently had the chance to play two wonderful local Westchester gems: Apawamis and Fenway. Apawamis landed a greenskeeper from Oakmont a few years back and the course was in perfect shape in late May. I had played […]

Seminole Golf Club

A well-connected golf friend of mine asked me what was the most highly rated course I hadn’t yet played and the answer was (until today) Seminole Golf Club.  This hole in my golf resume got filled thanks to the connections of my friend.  Designed by Donald Ross in 1929, Seminole is consistently ranked as one […]

Eastward Ho!

Despite growing up in New England, I never heard of the Eastward Ho Golf Course.  I think frankly without the golf course raters I would not have found my way to this beautiful property.  Located on the eastern end of Cape Cod, the course is a short links style course designed by Herbert Fowler (who […]

Miacomet Golf Course

The natural beauty on the island of Nantucket lends itself perfectly to the game of golf. As the only 18 hole public course on the island Miacomet could get away with being sub-par. Tee times would be full no matter what. However, to everyone’s delight the course is incredibly well maintained and certainly belongs in […]